Youth Voices of Neskantaga (finished)

Youth Art Sessions in Neskantaga First Nation

Created: Tuesday, 13 August 2013 00:49
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Josh Kendrick, who joined us in Toronto last month for the Youth Voices of Neskantaga art exhibition, has agreed to organize and facilitate art workshops in his community for other youth and young people. As an introduction, here's a little from Josh:


Life wasn't always perfect but I did manage to make it worth it. I was often tossed in those foster homes, depression was all I have ever known. At 13, I dropped out of school and started to pick up knowledge on my own. Collecting teachings everywhere I went, only to listen but not practice. At 18, the number of my suicide attempts were picking up at a rate that I couldn't outrun. At 20, I embraced my depression and started to fight alongside with my inner demons. 22, I gave up emotionally and sat in darkness and slept with violence. Suicide was begging for my company and was rapidly becoming my last option... Until, I began my journey with the arts at age 23.


Josh has already run a couple of sessions with the youth, and their work is looking amazing! We can't wait to share their artwork and positive feedback with all of you!


Keep up the great work, Josh!