Youth Voices of Neskantaga (finished)


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Check out REZ LIFE-N-DEATH's new video for their song State of Emergency!


Rez Life-N-Deathis a hip hop group started by three hip hop artists and rappers from Neskantaga First Nations: Ditchweed, Jaesin P and Vee. For more Rez Life-N-Death songs and videos check them out on youtube: or like their Facebook page: 

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Josh Kendrick, who joined us in Toronto last month for the Youth Voices of Neskantaga art exhibition, has agreed to organize and facilitate art workshops in his community for other youth and young people. As an introduction, here's a little from Josh:


Life wasn't always perfect but I did manage to make it worth it. I was often tossed in those foster homes, depression was all I have ever known. At 13, I dropped out of school and started to pick up knowledge on my own. Collecting teachings everywhere I went, only to listen but not practice. At 18, the number of my suicide attempts were picking up at a rate that I couldn't outrun. At 20, I embraced my depression and started to fight alongside with my inner demons. 22, I gave up emotionally and sat in darkness and slept with violence. Suicide was begging for my company and was rapidly becoming my last option... Until, I began my journey with the arts at age 23.


Josh has already run a couple of sessions with the youth, and their work is looking amazing! We can't wait to share their artwork and positive feedback with all of you!


Keep up the great work, Josh! 

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We are happy to share that we have rescheduled the Grand Opening of the Youth Voices of Neskantaga Art Exhibition to July 26th at Beit Zatoun Gallery from 7-9 pm. We have several youth from the community joining us for the event, as well as some community members. The youth will be sharing their art and what it means to them!

Check out the Facebook Event Page here!

Check out the Gallery here!

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Hi, my name is Pam Beardy. I am the mommy of two beautiful babies. I am originally from North Caribou Lake First Nation but, I am currently living in Thunder Bay. I am one of the two new Northern Youth Coordinators in Thunder Bay. This summer and fall, I will be planning evening activities for youth. If you are a Thunder Bay youth and would like to get in touch or learn more you can email me at:

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Now Rescheduled!

Check out the updated information here!


Our team is deeply saddened by the latest news we received from Neskantaga. A young person, involved in creating the art we would like to share, committed suicide this weekend. Together with the community, we have decided to postpone the exhibition to mid-July to give the community time to grieve and to ensure that some of the youth will be able to participate in the art show.

We would like to honor this young life with a candlelight vigil and show our deep concerns and caring thoughts for the community.

We will still meet at Beit Zatoun at 7pm on the 20th of June. You are welcome to join us for this memorial.


In May of 2013, a team of 17 people from Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win: North-South Partnership for Children and Ryerson University traveled to Neskantaga First Nation. About a month before we arrived, Neskantaga had declared a state of emergency; the suicide of a youth in the community had taken community members and leadership to a point where they needed support from others.

While in Neskantaga, we made a special effort to connect with young people who so often are able to find hope and comfort in art media. We worked hard with the community to organize an Arts and Music Festival with musical performances and visual art displays from local bands and performers and playful popsicle-stick creations by the children on display. Each of the young people in the community were able to showcase their own talents and abilities in a positive, supportive environment and family and friends felt huge amounts of pride in what their young people had achieved.

This evening did so much to bring the community together and we were truly impressed by the quality of work that was produced in such a short period of time. We couldn't see this night end here; our team and the community had bigger ideas for this event.

With permission from the artists and the community, a number of art pieces traveled back to Toronto with the North-South Partnership. In honor of the strength and vibrance of Neskantaga First Nation and appropriately timed around National Aboriginal Day, we are organizing an event to showcase this work here in Toronto. Opening night will be June 20th and the art will remain on display for two or three days to follow, so please pencil the dates in your calendars and stay tuned for more information!

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