Children and youth have few options for play and healthy recreation. In a cold winter, there is no indoor space in which to gather and socialize. Playgrounds are often derelict, the structures rusted and broken. Few communities have sports equipment. Art supplies are often scarce. 

With your help, the Partnership wants to provide more access to positive recreation, cultural teaching and skills training, so that children and youth find meaningful direction for their lives.

If you can help by donating the following expertise or funds for equipment, please contact Terry McCaig at 226-500-0077 or send us an email to:

Recreation Programs

A key step to strengthening communities is equipping more First Nations youth leaders to work with children and youth.

  1. People to help organize summer recreation programs and train youth counsellors.
  2. Funds to purchase needed supplies and equipment.
  3. Training and support for community youth leaders.

Sports Equipment and Skills

Sports are big up north, but equipment is poor. We always welcome funds for sports equipment.

  1. Skates
  2. Broomball equipment
  3. Baseball equipment
  4. Floor hockey sticks
  5. Hockey equipment including pads for children to age 16

Land-Based and Cultural Program Equipment

Teens live near beautiful lakes and rivers, but lack of equipment and the cost of gas keeps them land-locked. With the following, youth could learn to value their heritage and themselves.

  1. Wood-carving equipment, arts and crafts supplies
  2. Canoes, paddles and Coast Guard approved lifejackets (personal floatation devices)
  3. Tents and camping gear, tarps, air mattresses
  4. Donations to buy fuel, which is $1.65 - $3.00 per litre, and camping equipment
  5. Camping tools: hammer, saw, hatchet, outdoor cooking equipment

Skilled Trades Training and Equipment

Youth want employment skills. Remote communities need trades people. But training is rarely available. Providing training will also let youth gain a better sense of themselves.

  1. Woodworking tools (power tools and hand tools)
  2. Small motor tools and equipment
  3. Skills training: woodworking, small motors, plumbing and electrical

Information Technology

Internet connections up north may be basic, but teens want to be connected. Better computers would also expand educational opportunities.

  1. Computers and printers that work in communities with basic electrical services and dial-up connections.
  2. Software that can be licensed.

Before You Fundraise for these Items

If you would like to donate or fundraise for the items listed above, feel free to contact us at 226-500-0077 or send us an email to:  We always have updated "wish lists" from the communities - we will be able to direct your donations appropriately to fit immediate needs. 

We need to ensure that the donations fit with community priorities.  We value your efforts and donations and want to make sure we can make good use of them.

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