A House is not a Home if it's filled with mould

If you live in a community where you cannot apply for a mortgage, own property or chop down timber on Crown Land, then the supplies you get are the supplies you use. In our communities, those supplies are shipped at huge cost from the south, and often arrive cracked or warped. Housing funds swiftly evaporate, leaving families on waiting lists and sharing beds, sleeping in shifts. Without knowledge transfer, houses are built inexpertly, on wood foundations, without proper insulation. There are no tools or supplies for simple acts of maintenance. If pipes crack, no plumbers exist to repair them. If mould grows, there are no fresh floor boards. Crowded, unhealthy living conditions contribute to family instability and despair.

  1. From 10 to 200 new housing units are required in most communities.
  2. Elders' residences are needed. Aged people live in homes without running water.
  3. Most houses require repairs. Some need renovations to accommodate children or family members with disabilities.

Schools — Room to learn

Schools in First Nations communities are often woefully inadequate.

  1. Three communities need schools. One is closed because of severe mould, and two others burned down.
  2. An outside storage shed to store flammable goods is needed at Missabay School in Mishkeegogamang First Nation.
  3. Donations for textbooks, physical education equipment, and musical instruments would be well used in nearly all communities.

Water Purification Systems — Safe drinking water

Drinking contaminated water is making people sick. Nineteen communities have an ongoing boil water advisory, due to impure water and the lack of adequate water treatment facilities.

  1. A reverse osmosis system installed in the school can provide pure water, contributing to a better education for students.

Community Facilities — Gathering places

The people need places to gather, especially during the long, cold winter.

  1. Indoor facilities for training programs, youth activities, cultural programs, meetings, sports and recreation, gatherings, and resource centres.

Expertise, skilled labour and funding will assist the First Nations to build the following. Let us know what you can do at Can I help?

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