The communities need help to deal with their high levels of depression, anxiety, and general sense of malaise. Many cannot resolve their grief over the suicides of family and friends. Historic traumas from their loss of land, identity, children, livelihood, and independence have led to domestic violence and substance abuse.

"…problems are cured with a 'bandage' but real healing rarely takes place - the bandage keeps falling off…"
- First Nation community member

If you want to share your expertise to help First Nations people heal, let us know. Can I help?

Healing and Training Programs for Community Leaders

Community leaders try to help others, but need more training and some respite themselves.

  1. Leadership training will assist community leaders in healing, grieving, and rediscovering their potential and power.

Family and Community Healing

Families will benefit from working through losses and learning life skills.

  1. Opportunities for families to address issues of grief and loss, the impact of residential schools, substance abuse, violence and family instability will rebuild healthy relationships where they have been lost.
  2. Parenting education and training in leading parenting workshops will help children to know a better life.
  3. Financial training and counselling for families will help parents and grandparents deal with financial responsibilities.

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