Impoverished families need help to provide the necessities of life to their children. A cold, hungry child cannot thrive. Yet, the cost of flown-in groceries is so exhorbitant -- a head of iceberg lettuce costs $4.99 -- families quickly run out of money for food. Children have been known to stuff themselves with toilet paper to keep hunger at bay. In the past, we have been able to accept donations of goods and shipped them to the communities.  With rising transportation costs and increased demand on our shipping partners, we are no longer able to support the shipping of donated goods. The Partnership has found it works best to let the community know we have funds for a specific request and will reimburse their costs after receiving receipts of their expenses. In this way , we are able to promote local busniess and the communities are guaranteed to have exactly what they need.  However, if you have something you would like to ship, and have resources that will allow you to do so, we would be happy to provide support in identifying a community requesting specific items

Checking Before Donating

 If you or your organization would like to fundraise for Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win, please contact Terry McCaig at 226-500-0077. We always have updated "wish lists" from the communities and will be able to help focus your goals to provide funds for the things that are most neccessary at any given time.

Donated Goods to the North 

From 2009 - 2012, the Partnership and its southern allies have been able to send many truckloads of much needed supplies to the north. Stay tuned; we're working on a comprehensive list to show you some of what we were able to supply to the northern communities.

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