In Neskantaga, we met a group of youth leaders who want to inspire change through art. Check out the link below to help support young people from Neskantaga to create a video on 'what life is like in Neskantaga'.

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Neskantaga Chief Peter Moonias said the community’s state of emergency has stabilized with the help of visiting trauma teams and the beginning of goose hunting season.

“It has stabilized the community pretty well,” Moonias said about the trauma teams, noting the workers rotate in and out of the community on a regular basis with about six working in the community at any one time. “There’s about nine people — they take turns.”

Moonias said the trauma teams have been helping community members address some of the issues, including four suicides, three sudden deaths and about 20 attempted suicides in 2013, which resulted in the April 17 declaration of a state of emergency.

Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win: North-South Partnership for Children has launched a new campaign called "Southern Youth in Motion" (SYiM). This campaign's aim is to connect youth in southern Ontario with youth in Northern Ontario's First Nations communities through art, music, videos, etc.

Our hope is to spread awareness on the living conditions in these northern communities and foster sustainable relationships among youth across Ontario.

Interested? Email our Youth Engagement Coordinator Lauren Akbar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Ashoka Changemakers Initiative, "Inspiring Approaches to First Nation, Inuit and Metis Learning," has announced the winners to its winter-long contest. One of the cash awards, provided by the North-South Partnership, will be going to the young women at the Regional Multicultural Youth Council in Thunder Bay, who have developed a program they call "Revolution: Girl Style." This peer-to-peer support program provides counseling and mentorship to young Aboriginal women in northern Ontario so that they can build healthy and hopeful lives. Congratulations to all of the youth leaders who have been so dedicated to developing this program.