If one needed reminding that housing conditions are lethally dangerous in our First Nations communities, the death of two little boys trapped by fire should bitterly suffice. The community of Summer Beaver, who welcomed our staff so warmly last July, is in mourning this week. A home with no second door to escape through was engulfed by flame in mid-January. There is scant fire-fighting equipment in the community and little the citizens could do but act with singular bravery. One little girl was rescued by resident Marie Yellowhead, who ran through the blaze to get her out. The boys, however, were lost. Our hearts go out to their families.

We have been organizing an effort to send volunteers to Summer Beaver next summer, with skills and tools to assist with the building of safer homes. Our biggest challenge is securing the funding for volunteers' travel, as it costs less to fly to New Zealand than to Summer Beaver. If you can help, or have suggestions, please let us know!

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