• By working together in a partnership that includes and follows the lead of First Nations voices, we will build a network of caring relationships that will support short- and long-term solutions to the urgent conditions and challenges faced by our northern communities.


  1. To share information between northern and southern partners to establish a foundation of knowledge and understanding about the needs, rights and entitlements of children, youth and families;
  2. To identify the strengths, capacities, values, goals and visions of First Nation communities for their children, youth and families;
  3. To build a network of relationships that promote caring and understanding between north and south, between those in need and those with access to resources, between those who have dreams for their children and those who want to help realize them, and between those who understand the difficult northern reality and those who are seeking to understand;
  4. To complement existing services and other supportive initiatives that are working to address needs in these communities;
  5. To take a lead role in providing information and education to voluntary organizations and the general public about the needs, values and goals of First Nations communities;
  6. To explore and assess ways and means for voluntary organizations, individuals, and the general public to respond in collaboration with First Nation leaders and communities;
  7. To mobilize resources to address identified needs; and
  8. To approach governments, voluntary agencies, foundations, service clubs, educational institutions and corporations, along with other potential contributors for the resources required to address identified needs.

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