Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win

Mamow Sha-way-gi-kay-win/The North-South Partnership for Children is a dynamic and evolving partnership that began in 2006 as the coming together of First Nation Chiefs, Elders and youth living in remote communities in northwestern Ontario with caring individuals and voluntary organizations based in southern Ontario.

Sharing with gratitude, respect, traditional teachings, Aboriginal culture, language, Elders, the four elements of being, Aboriginal rights, trust and accountability, and participation are the Partnership's values. The Partnership has no religious or political affiliations.

A future where children, youth and families in the remote First Nation communities have their basic needs met and gain opportunities to achieve their full potential while embracing their culture and heritage as Aboriginal people.

The North-South Partnership for Children responds to the identified needs of children, youth, families and communities in the remote First Nations.

Goal and Objectives

By working together in a partnership that includes and follows the lead of First Nations voices, we will build a network of caring relationships that will support short- and long-term solutions to the urgent conditions and challenges faced by our northern communities.

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Community Assessments

In spite of the oppression they have faced, many First Nations people remain resilient. Today they are reclaiming their inherent rights and finding ways to regain their strength. Agreeing to form the Partnership has been one step on the healing journey.

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Partnership Structure and Membership

The North-South Partnership is designed to leverage the support of many individuals and caring organizations in order to maximize contributions and support for children, youth and families in remote First Nations communities. To facilitate growing interest and streamline decision-making and planning regarding complex needs and issues, the Partnership is structured into three circles of involvement: The Governance Circle, the Partners Circle and the Supporter Circle.
The governance circle provides overall leadership to the Partnership and is responsible for addressing governance issues, in ways similar to a Board of Directors. It is made up of the (1) founding members of the Partnership, (2) Three Chiefs appointed by the Tikinagan Chiefs in Assembly and (3) Chairpersons of the Partnership's Working Groups.

The Executive Committee of the Governance Circle provides leadership and makes decisions as needed between meetings of the Governance Circle. The Mamow Sha-Way-Gi-Kay-Win Financial Management Team manages the financial resources of the Partnership.
The Partnership Circle provides a forum for First Nation leaders and southern organizations and individuals to develop and drive forward the work of the Partnership. They do it by sharing information, building relationships, establishing priorities, and making plans to deliver resources and programs. The Partners Circle is responsible for establishing priority areas in which the work of the Partnership will be focused, and to review and revise these priorities on an annual basis.

The Partners Circle meets on a semi-annual basis, with meetings held in both northern First Nation and southern locations. Organizations or individuals in the Partners Circle are expected to visit a First Nation community at least once a year. The Partners Circle includes:

    1. Members of the Governance Circle;

    2. 30 participating First Nations Northern Partners, First Nations and First Nation organizations and individuals who sign the Mamow Sha-Way-Gi-Kay-Win Commitment and meet the expectations as stated in that Commitment, and are accepted as Partners by the Mamow Sha-Way-Gi-Kay-Win Governance Circle. Southern organizations and individuals who sign the Mamow Sha-Way-Gi-Kay-Win Commitment and meet the expectations as stated in that Commitment, and are accepted as Partners by the Mamow Sha-Way-Gi-Kay-Win Governance Circle.
The supporter circle includes individuals and organizations that support the vision, mission, values, goals and objectives of the partnership and wish to make specific contributions to the work of the Partnership. Donations may include financial gifts, goods, services or volunteer resources. The members will receive regular updates about the work of Mamow Sha-Way-Gi-Kay-Win, including annual reports, information about First Nation community assessments and community needs, the ongoing work of the Partnership, and opportunities to participate and contribute. Members of the Supporters Circle are not expected to attend Partnership meetings, but may be invited to attend public meetings, conferences and workshops that the Partnership may hold.

Why Choose Us

All actions in the partnership are driven by/for/with Indigenous community members.
Throughout the processes of creating networks and sharing information, we support the healing process of our community members.